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Our Office is situated in the centre of The Hague

Company Overview 

MobiComm® Communications a young and dynamic company, founded 1st June 1999 in The Hague, Netherlands. The company is specialized in the research & development, production and promotion of innovative mobile communication technologies in particular but not exclusively for professional mission-critical use. The company is primarily selling to national and international businesses, governmental organizations, defense agencies, embassies, non-govermental organizations (NGOs) and international relief organizations.

Mission Statement 

Bringing tomorrows technology to our customers of today thereby improving, enhancing and enriching their quality of life and for those who they care. To succeed this goal we must continuously design, produce and promote new innovating products and services for our customers in an ever increasingly mobile world. Whereby we will not lose the ease of use, simplicity and quality of service for our products and services we offer. This all will be supported by the highest level of customer service and care we can offer since our customers are the way ahead for our exciting innovating future.

CEO Message

Convergence of communications, information, entertainment, commerce and computing, as a result of advances in technology in areas such as multimedia computing, interactive TV, mobile communications and Internet will lay a foundation for the development of an “Information Society”. Marketing studies predicted that there will be 200 million physical mobile users in Western Europe by 2007, rising to 260 million by 2015. 32 million of these will be mobile multimedia users in 2007, rising to 90 million mobile multimedia users by 2012. Worldwide it is predicted that there will be nearly 1 Billion mobile multimedia users by 2008, all this requires a great effort and investment from industry. A great opportunity exists for MobiComm® Communications to develop products and services that will meet the developing needs for businesses, consumers and professional users as the Information Society emerges worldwide over the next decade. Those needs are rapidly being shaped by developments in the convergence of computing, broadcasting and communications. Consequently, MobiComm® Communications must respond in a manner that recognizes those influences and exploit their characteristics to the greatest effect.

Where are we situated ?.

In the field of information and communications technology the municipality of The Hague plays a leading role in Europe. It participates in the Telecities project, an association of more than 100 large and medium-sized cities. The association was set up by The Hague, Antwerp, Barcelona, Nice and Manchester, with The Hague playing a leading role and acting as chairman from 1996 to 1998.

It’s no coincidence that The Hague is home to a large number of (Dutch) multinationals and (inter)national bodies including, European office of SHELL, Amazon’s European Callcentre, headquarters of KPN, International court of Justice, Europol, OCPW, NATO C3 research Agency, European Patent office and the UN Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia have chosen to establish their presents in The Hague. The Hague is also the residence of the Royal family and  the Dutch government including most embassies have their presence in The Hague.

Ing. P.F. Vollebregt MBA

[CEO and Founder of MobiComm® Communications]

The Hague is located near the mayor cities in Europe.


The founder of the company, Paul Vollebregt, has over 20 years of combined professional experience in the communications and software industry. His prior engineering research experience includes a 6 years appointment within the Communications Systems Division (CSD) of the NATO C3 research agency (formerly known as the SHAPE Technical Centre) during this period he was responsible for the research & development of innovative rapid deployable communication systems. Particularly the development of HF-radio e-mail network systems, which finally resulted in the development and ratification of the NATO STANAG 5066 standard. He holds an engineering degree (Ing.) from the Rijswijk Institute of Technology and an international MBA degree from the Haagse Hoge School University.

Ing. Paul Vollebregt MBA

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