Product announcement:       STANAG 5066.

MobiComm Communications founder was one of the people behind the development of STANAG 5066 within the NATO C3 Agency (NC3A). STANAG 5066 provides uninterupted transmission of e-mail and other TCP/IP services over HF radio.

MobiComm Communications is now offering a complete STANAG 5066 e-mail messaging system --> more

STANAG 5066 Node Controller --> more

MobiComm Communications a young and dynamic company, founded 1st June 1999 in The Hague, Netherlands. The company is specialized in the research & development, production and promotion of innovative mobile communication technologies. A great opportunity exists for MobiComm Communications to develop products and services that will meet the developing needs for businesses, consumers and professional users as the Information Society emerges worldwide over the next decade.

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